Come join in our efforts to help families maintain their homes in a time of crisis.
our mission
The Silverton Foundation wants to ensure that for families with ill children there is one less thing to worry about - losing their home. Hospital visits, long-term hospitalization or ongoing medical life-saving treatment costs can add up quickly, stretching a family thin. The Silverton Foundation’s mission is to provide a mortgage and rent assistance program to help reduce financial and emotional burdens, allowing parents to focus on their child’s health. Our goal is that when their child is ready to return after the crisis, their home and loved ones are waiting.


When your child has a severe medical condition or illness, priorities shift to doing whatever it takes to care for them. The costs of routine hospital visits, long-term hospitalization, or ongoing life-saving medical treatments can add up quickly and stretch a family’s resources. While there are numerous charities available to help when a child is ill, ensuring that the family can return home without mounting rent or mortgage payments is often overlooked. The Silverton Foundation helps bridge that gap by  providing rent and mortgage payments when it’s needed most.

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The Silverton Foundation serves families with children who have been hospitalized or are receiving ongoing chronic or critical care treatments. The Silverton Foundation connects with these families through hospitals, nonprofits who focus on serving children, and individual referrals from those who may know someone in need of our assistance. Our goal is for these families to have a home to go back to once a health crisis has passed without the worry of how they’re going to make their rent or mortgage payments.

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