The Silverton Foundation was established in 2012 by Josh Moffitt, President and Founder of Silverton Mortgage. Since Silverton Mortgage’s beginning in 1998, its mission has included a strong commitment to giving back. As a non-profit organization, The Silverton Foundation does just that by providing mortgage and rent assistance to families with sick children. Silverton Mortgage donates to the Foundation on a quarterly basis on behalf of its new homeowners to help these families make their housing payments. Other donations are made through Silverton Mortgage employee giving, private donations, and fundraising.

Josh Moffit’s family, including his great-grandfather, grandfather, grandmother, mother, and uncle, were all active in both the business world and their communities. Josh learned through his family’s actions that success does not have to be at the expense of compassion and was determined to follow in their footsteps. With that in mind, Silverton Mortgage was built on a vision containing two components: profitability and compassion. Even today, Josh realizes that to be successful, whether in business or in the community, it takes hard work and lots of it. Not only do you need to earn the respect and trust of those you work with, but also those you serve. With this belief, he appreciates stretching the potential of his business, enjoying success while also looking for opportunities to share it with the community.  

Brad Olecki
Chief Revenue Officer - College Football Hall of FameAtlanta Hall Managment Inc.

Chad Wade
Managing Partner - Cornerstone Mortgage Group, LLC

Chris Dimino
Radio Personality - 680 The Fan
Emily Rudd
Social Worker - Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta

Jeff Pierce
Product Marketing Director - Invesco

Kerrie Howze
Attorney - King and Spalding, LLP

Kevin McDonough
Director of Sales - Live Nation Entertainment
Michael Baum
Chief Operating Officer - SMACK Songs

Mike Carlton
Senior Vice President of Partner Development - PlayOn!

Mike Dewitt
Partner and Portfolio ManagerSmith & Howard Wealth Managment