The silverton foundation provides more than 100 years of mortgage & rent payments to families across georgia & beyond
Foundation bridges the financial gap for families with chronically ill children.
Atlanta (PRWEB) – June 16, 2021 -- Silverton Mortgage, a leading direct residential mortgage lender, has announced its foundation, The Silverton Foundation (TSF), has provided more than 100 years’ worth of mortgage and rent payment assistance to families with sick children who have been hospitalized or who are receiving ongoing chronic or critical care treatments.

While many charities help with transportation, lodging and other needs, ensuring families can return home without mounting rent or mortgage payments is often overlooked. The Silverton Foundation helps bridge that gap by providing rent and mortgage payments when it’s needed most. Last year alone, TSF provided mortgage and rent payment assistance to more than 100 families. In total, the Foundation has provided more than 1,200 months of rent and mortgage payments (over $1 million) for families battling chronic and terminal illnesses with their children.

“Even though The Silverton Foundation is less than 10 years old, we quickly surpassed our initial goal and continue to make great strides with our philanthropic efforts,” shared Josh Moffitt, founder of Silverton Mortgage and The Silverton Foundation. “Hospital visits, long-term hospitalization or ongoing medical life-saving treatment costs can add up quickly, stretching a family thin. We want to ensure that for families with ill children there is one less thing to worry about - losing their home.”

On behalf of its new homeowners, Silverton Mortgage donates to the Foundation on a quarterly basis to help families with critically ill children make their housing payments. Additional donations are provided through fundraising activities, Silverton Mortgage employee giving, personal donations and Partner Programs.

Lori Beardslee, Silverton Mortgage senior branch manager & construction specialist explained, “I’ve always been moved by the work The Silverton Foundation does and am honored to know that every one of my closings helps us contribute to TSF.” She went on to talk about her experience, “I have a close family friend whose daughter had a degenerative disease that is rarely seen. A normal happy, skipping, and singing 3-year-old became 100 percent paralyzed and unable to walk, talk, or feed herself. The Silverton Foundation made mortgage payments for them while they lived at Children’s Hospital where their daughter was being treated and let them focus on their family.”

The Silverton Foundation partners with a multitude of hospitals and nonprofits to provide mortgage and rent assistance to help reduce financial and emotional burdens, allowing parents to focus on their child’s health. Their newest partner, Monroe Carell, Jr. Hospital at Vanderbilt in Nashville, joins an extensive list of partners such as: Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, Grady Memorial Hospital, Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center, St. Louis Children's Hospital, Sibley Heart Center, Habitat for Humanity, Childkind Inc., Bert’s Big Adventure, and others.

Moffitt’s commitment to giving back is clear, “Be true to the vision of what your company can be; profitability and compassion can go hand in hand. To be truly successful means sharing your success with family and community.”